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Multimedia Animation

Multimedia is more than one concurrent presentation medium (for example, on CD-ROM or a Web site). Although still images are a different medium than text, multimedia is typically used to mean the combination of text, sound, and/or motion video. It is often much easier to show somebody how something works then to try and explain it. Animation is created in Flash by changing the content of successive frames. One can make an object move across the Stage, increase or decrease its size, rotate, change colour, fade in or out, or change shape. Changes can occur independently of, or in concert with, other changes.

We believe,
  1. A single quick animation can attract attention, but continuous animation can be distracting.
  2. Animations should transition slowly instead of rapidly changing.
  3. Stop and replay controls to allow users to pause animations or replay them as needed.
  4. Non-interactive animations the best way to present a concept.

Flash Intro /Animations

Those who want to impress guests can enjoy animated flash intro,menu animation and header. Flash requires the use of models for most web sites when linked to a business or personal site.

To set static or dynamic website, there is no better option than the introduction of flash intro animation models. To improve the presentation of the web page and give it a polished professional look, these content management system drawings are very beneficial. It is not necessary to use software for ultra modern flash web page design templates flash intro animation.

Corporate Presentations

A corporate presentation is not just a series of good looking images. It is a medium of presenting facts in an interesting manner to create just one effect - positive impact.

We specialize in seeing your project from start to finish. We will come to you and handle all aspects of making the presentation for you. The presentations can be in Power Point, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Premier or 3D Max with voice over. We also specialize in presentation where the output is mixture of Flash with Premier or incorporation of 3D Max output in Power Point, as per client requirements. Presentations can be made based on Output media as well.

Flash Banner Ads

Displaying Ad Banner online is a new way to get more exposure for any website. Without investing much time and money, attractive Ad banners offer professional looking promotional tools.

Our professional banner designs unique and very professional banners that are well suited to the needs of a company’s demands and are capable of catching the attention of customers worldwide. Eservices Delhi specializes in designing flash Banner Design, Ad Banner Design and more

Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue / Digital brochures are a great tool to introduce your company, its products and services to prospective clients. Multimedia Services Company works with clients to create and implement innovative animated flash based catalog. The first step in creating successful Product CD or Digital Brochure is to understand the clients requirements in detail. Eservices Delhi has educated and experienced team who does in-depth analysis of company goal, strategic business plan & their targeted audience.

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