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Post Production Services

  1. Shooting & Photography
    Here a range of options are available. You can choose from the Beta, DG Beta, HD, DVCAM, DVCPRO depending upon the delivery medium ( ex. Broadcast on television) and budget. Betacam & DG Beta is on the higher side of the quality spectrum and is comparable to broadcast quality (like you see on TV). Our technical team can suggest the best option for you and educate you about the most suitable one. Our experienced videographers & photographers are capable of excellent coverage of your various wares and locations. We can do multi-locations on a turnkey basis. Once the shooting is over, we view the footage and see if their is anything that needs repetition and reshoot.

    You're probably here because you sell, promote, or manufacture products, and need professional product Videography & photography to make your products look their very best. Look no further, you've come to the right place! It's no secret that great product Videography & photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to products and the people selling them. Many of our clients come back to tell me how excited they are about the way great product photography has transformed their website or catalog and added a new level of quality.

    Our job as your product Videography & photographer is to make your products look their absolute best. Our team take our time on every piece we shoot, giving each shot the individual attention it deserves. The results are beautifully clean, crisp images that show your products in their best light.

  2. Product Promotions India
    ESERVICES conceptualizes and designs product promotion movies, television adertisements, 2D advt, 3D advt, print media advt, exhibitions, product launches, product promos, corporate movie making, event management, any type of advertising, etc.

    We have the complete facility under one roof, right from designing to quality fabrication for any kind of product launch & promotion. Our team implements our specialized brand building process to create a corporate identity of your organization and your product with our multi dimensional approach from web design, online promotion, email marketing, graphic designs, etc.

  3. Ads Film Making and Editing
    ESERVIVES is providing the services of powerful TV commercial ads that come after fully understanding your company, marketing goals, target market with unique script, designs, storyboards backed by the strategic thinking of professional experts working on the broad range of TV advertising projects for our clints. Some of our popular themantic services of TV Commercials are Banking, Communication, Entertainment, Food Products, Health Care, Hospitality, Non-Profit Sectors, Sports, Tourism and Travel.

    ESERVICES is providing the Audio and Video Editing services. We Have highly experienced and renowned team of Voiceover & Video Artists of Radio and Television Industry in its fold covering more than 25 Languages spoken in India. In other hands we our video unit for it we have our own video chroma Flore .For video Editing we have FCP (Final Cut Pro) it is a Mac based program and Black Magic Card. (HD, PALVideo Formet Editing)

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Data Entry and Processing

Data Entry is the most important basic need of any organization. It is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard competence.

The main Advantages for availing our Data Entry Services:

  1. Top Quality And Accuracy:Our experienced staff checks and rechecks data integrity to insure that data is accurate.
  2. Unparalleled Value: Our proprietary business processes allow us to deliver your services at the best rates possible.
  3. Speed: Electronic delivery, adequate staffing, and online transactions result in very short turnarounds.
  4. Motto: We offers our Data Entry Services with 100% Customer satisfaction is our first motto.

We offer wide range of data entry services such as online / offline data entry, data processing, data conversion, data capture, OCR/Scanning services to our clients worldwide. Our services helps you to increase your productivity and lessen your burden by outsourcing data entry, data digitization and offshore data entry jobs to us.

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